CC's Review

Just drove our new van home to San Diego from HB Chrysler. We had been looking for months at the local dealers but kept getting the same price offered to us, which we weren't willing to pay (whats up with that San Diego?). On a whim, I checked online within a 200 mile radius and Huntington Beach Chrysler popped up with some crazy good deals. I asked a salesman in San Diego if they could match the prices and they said that there was no way those prices were legit and they didn't want me to drive up to Huntington Beach and "get my feelings hurt". So I called to see how real these deals were and talked to Jason. He was great! Seriously, take it from a mom and someone who has a tendency to have anxiety of big purchases, just ask directly for him because he made it so stress free. Well, should I say, he will for you, I did stress because I was waiting for the deal to fall through or him to change it up on us but really, he was a straight shooter, I should have trusted my gut and not worried... but I did. Jason treated me like a person who had some brains and didn't try to pull any of that stereotypical car salesman stuff with me (for example, not once did he call me "sweetheart", and once I told him exactly what I wanted he didn't push me to get something else). Anyway, he gave me an awesome price over the phone (we are talking A LOT less than San Diego here), and I drove up the next day and did the paperwork at that price, not once did he try to change it.


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