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When you want your car, truck, or SUV repaired to industry standards, consult our specialists at Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Because we focus on Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles, you can count on our knowledge and years of experience to get the job done. When you want to save money, look for our monthly specials. Our service department offers nothing but high-quality service that ensures the job is done right the first time around. As a bonus, we'll let you know about any potential issues that we spot. You can then do something about them before they become major headaches.


Trouble with your vehicle doesn't always lead to extensive repairs. Some issues are simple to diagnose and fix. Here are some common and easily resolved problems to look for:

  • Alternator: Loose wires can prevent your alternator from working correctly. Ask the tech to examine the connections and run an output test before considering an alternator replacement.

  • Battery: Loose or corroded terminals may cause problems or make your battery non-functional. Technicians can clean the terminals and then test the battery to ensure that it is dead before replacing it.

  • Starter: A dead battery or faulty connection can lead to malfunctions with the starter. Request that your tech look at all connections and run a battery test before checking the starter.

  • Muffler: If you hear loud rumbling that seems to come from under your vehicle, you most likely need either a new exhaust pipe or muffler.

  • Tuneups: If you follow the schedule in your owner's manual, your vehicle may no longer need retro tuneups. New vehicles typically have fewer parts that need replacing, except for hoses, filters, belts and spark plugs.

Maintenance Is the Key

If you want to get the best use out of your Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler car, truck or SUV then you must take your vehicle in for regular maintenance and, when necessary, prompt repairs. Such attention can ensure a long lifespan for your vehicle. At our repair center, we specialize in Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, so our highly qualified technicians have the required skills to bring your transportation back into shape.

We take care of your car, truck, or SUV, as if it were one of our own. You can rely on our core values of truthfulness, consistency, responsiveness, and security when you look to use for repairs. We appreciate having you as a customer because you are responsible for helping us build and sustain our business.

Our Services

  • Changing oil.

  • Tuning up the radiator including changing or flushing coolant and antifreeze.

  • Replacing the air filter for air-conditioning.

  • Balancing and aligning wheels and tires.

  • Replacing timing belts.

  • Inspecting brakes and replacing them as needed.

  • Repairing and servicing the muffler and exhaust.


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