This Notice contains information related to the Surf City Auto Group 401(K) Plan (the "Plan") for the plan year beginning on January 1, 2019. The plan year is each 12-month period ending on December 31.

The automatic enrollment features apply to the Plan. This Notice gives you important information about these Plan features and how they will affect you. For further information about the Plan, please see your copy of the Plan's Summary Plan Description (SPD). If you need a copy of the SPD, would like a copy of other Plan documents, or if you have any further questions on the information contained in this Notice, please contact
the plan administrator at:

Surf City Auto Group, Inc. dba Huntington Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Address: 16701 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone number: 714-841-3999

The automatic contribution arrangement (ACA) provisions apply to the Plan. This type of automatic enrollment
allows the plan administrator to enroll certain employees in the Plan who have not previously elected to
participate in the Plan.

Do the Plan's automatic enrollment features apply to me if I have already made a deferral election?
The automatic enrollment feature won't change your contribution level if you already turned in a wage deferral agreement and your contribution level is equal to or greater than the automatic enrollment amount specified below. If your election is less than the automatic enrollment amount, you must make a new election or you will be deemed to have elected the amount specified below.

What happens if I do not make a deferral election by January 1, 2019?
If you are eligible to make elective deferrals and you do not make a deferral election by January 1, 2017, the plan administrator will begin deducting automatic deferrals from each of your paychecks and will submit those amounts to the Plan (automatic deferrals) on your behalf. An automatic deferral amount of 3% of your compensation will be withheld from each of your paychecks. The automatic deferral amount
will be contributed as a pre-tax elective deferral to the Plan.

If you do not wish to have automatic deferrals withheld from each of your paychecks or if you want to change the amount withheld, you must make a deferral election. If automatic deferrals have already started, you may make a deferral election to change the amount being withheld or to stop the deferrals entirely.

Will the amount of the automatic deferrals increase?
Yes, if you do not make a deferral election the automatic deferral amount will increase in the following
manner: increase 1% annually to a maximum of 6%.

Your elective deferrals are amounts that you chose to (or are assumed to have chosen to) have withheld from your paycheck and contributed to the Plan in your name. Please see the section of your SPD titled "Eligibility for Participation" to determine if you are eligible to make elective deferrals and "Contributions to the Plan" for the type of compensation you may defer into the Plan.

How do I make or change my deferral election?
You may make or change your deferral election by going to the following web site:

Once I make a deferral election, how often can I change, stop, or re-start the election?
You may change or re-start your deferral election once each pay period. You may stop your deferrals at any time.

If I make a deferral election is the amount withheld from my paychecks taxed?
You will have the option to decide if the amount you elect to defer into the Plan is taxed or not. If you chose to have your elective deferrals go into the Plan as pre-tax elective deferrals, you will not be taxed until you take the money out of the Plan. If you chose to have your elective deferrals go into the Plan as Roth elective deferrals, you will be taxed on that money when it is taken out of your paycheck, but it will not be ta xed again when you take it out of the Plan. The earnings on those Roth elective deferrals may be taken out tax-free if certain conditions are met. Please see the SPD for more information on Roth elective deferrals.

Are there any limits to how much I can defer into the Plan?
Your elective deferrals are subject to the following limits:
• Your total amount of deferrals cannot be more than $19,000 (for 2019).
• If you are age 50 or over, you may defer an addition al amount, called a "catch-up contribution," of
up to $6,000 (for 2019).

The plan administrator may establish additional rules you will need to follow when making your deferral
election. Your deferral election is only effective for compensation you have not received yet. The plan
administrator may also reduce or totally suspend your election if they determine that your election may
cause the Plan to fail to satisfy any of the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.