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On a hot Orange County day, nothing is more refreshing when you travel than a cool blast of air-conditioned air. You can do many things to ensure that your vehicle's A/C doesn't fail.

The drive belt turns the compressor of your air conditioning, which then circulates the coolant refrigerant through your system and keeps you and your passengers cool. Stretched, worn, or cracked belts can break of slip. Then, your compressor stops and the air conditioner shuts down. Inspect your belt occasionally to confirm that it's in reasonable condition.

Look in front of the radiator to examine your truck or car's air conditioning condenser, which also looks like the radiator. The air flowing over the cooling fins eliminates heat from the refrigerant as that refrigerant travels through the condenser. Examine the fins to make sure that they remain in good and clean condition.

If you spot moisture on the carpeting during humid and hot days, it may be because your air conditioner drain is clogged. A fully functioning drain drips the water onto the pavement under your vehicle after you park and not onto your interior floor.

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Count on our multiple service bays to serve the entire community and to accommodate your maintenance and repair needs more quickly. We even have an Express Lube Center so your regularly scheduled oil changes go quickly and easily. You'll enjoy your time at our facility, as our cafe and customer lounge are designed for relaxation and keeping you connected. The little folks are entertained and can watch the private TV that is installed in our Children's Room.

One way to ensure that your Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, or Jeep serves you as long as you need it to is to take it in for proper maintenance and repair. You'll find that Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Service Center is staffed only by highly qualified and professionally trained automotive technicians who have the top-notch skills for keeping your car, SUV, or truck running at its peak. We handle all your automotive needs from relatively straightforward tune-ups and oil changes to more involved engine repairs.

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Feel free to call us if you have any questions. You can also schedule maintenance for your A/C or any other automotive system through our convenient online scheduling form. One of our Jeep RAM Chrysler Dodge service specialists will then contact you for more information. When you visit our facility, spend some time checking our our Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM repair offers and part specials.


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