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If you're in Orange County and you need regular service and maintenance for your truck or car, whatever its make, bring it to Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center. 

Why Your Vehicle Needs Maintenance?

If you're interested in getting the best value for your car dollars and minimizing your transportation budget over the long-term, you must put your vehicle through regular servicing and maintenance. Without this key component in the ownership of your car or truck, small problems can easily become bigger, reducing the usefulness of your vehicle, and ultimately voiding its warranty.

Any vehicle expert, such as a mechanic, will advise you to write down a maintenance schedule and to follow it rigorously. Such a record not only keeps track of what you have done to your vehicle but is also useful in case you ever need to sell. A potential buyer feels more confident in obtaining your used vehicle if he knows that you kept up with regular servicing and have the documentation to prove it.

Regular inspections are necessary to avoid damage to the different parts of your vehicle, such as your engine. Ignoring that knock that you hear every time you run your vehicle over 20 mph may eventually force the engine to stop, which will lead to more costly repairs. If you rely on the same service department and mechanic for your scheduled maintenance, they can inform you when it is time for the next service. They also keep track of what's been done to your vehicle so you don't have to. Having your car undergo regular servicing is one way to ensure that it will last as long as you want it to.

Regular Maintenance You Can Do

Many parts of your car are made of materials that deteriorate over time, such as the rubber in the belts and hoses that can wear out. If your vehicle does not use spring-loaded belt tensioners, press down on the belts. If you receive more than a half-inch of slack, then you should get the belts tightened. Hoses that are brittle or rotting should be replaced.

Examine fluids for power steering and transmission by looking at the dipstick in each of their reservoirs. Make sure your engine is running and warm when checking the transmission fluid. However, before doing so, put the vehicle in park with the parking brake engaged.

Brakes can accumulate plenty of dirt. Wipe any of it from the lid of the brake master-cylinder reservoir before opening the lid and filling it with brake fluid. Do not put in too much fluid.

Inspect your air filter every two months and replace it if dirty.

Maintenance Based on Mileage

If you want to know how often you should be maintaining your vehicle, refer to your owners manual. It will usually recommend servicing at major mileage milestone in 5,000- and 10,000-mile increments. Do not skip these necessary services. You can do some of these tasks yourself. However, others, such as changing transmission fluid, are best left to a qualified mechanic because of their complexity.

Why Come to Us?

Correct maintenance and service is necessary so you get the best use out of your vehicle. Our Service Center is staffed by professionally trained and qualified technicians to keep your truck, SUV, or car in the best shape. We also have a new cafe, customer lounge with Internet, and children's room with its own TV.


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